Website Design

Websites are something that we know a lot about. Our lead designer has been designing websites since 1997 and has been online using them since 1992.

It is important to have a website.  You may feel that having one or more social media pages is enough, but people, your future clients, expect you to have information on your website. Social Media is an amazing tool when used correctly, but you do need a website that you fully control, because you never know when rules are changed and you could find all your posts being removed for some crazy reason, or you may find yourself being banned for a period of time for some strange reason that makes no sense.

Your website needs to be accessible to users on a variety of devices. Gone are the days when you could simply write a website and your only concern was making sure that it worked on all browsers. These days, websites need to be prepared to be viewed on a variety of devices, but primarily desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

We always create our websites with this in mind. Just take a look at this website on a phone or tablet, or a desktop computer if you are already doing so, as this will show you how the website changes, depending upon the device used.

When creating our websites, it will always be WordPress, as this is the most popular system and the easiest to use for users of all abilities.

We don’t just hand over the website as the default WordPress setup though.

We tailor it to your abilities and what you want to do with it.  We create the website so that you can use many of its functions on the front-end, rather than having to go into the admin if you do not want to.

When you are in the admin, we will create the look and feel that makes it all much easier to use, so you don’t have to worry about where things are.

We have a rule
keep it simple


The information below is there just to give you an idea on how much you would expect to pay for a website, though it does all depend on what it is that you require.

You may want something that isn’t listed – no problem. Just let us know what you want and we will quote you on this. The more information you can give, then better for the quote. Feel free to just give the basics for now though.

General Website or Blog

Basic: from £500
Advanced: from £750

In its most simple form, a website can act as a blog, allowing you to share information with your readers and add pages as required.

With this option, we will provide you with a fully functioning webite which has the power to do anything that you need it to do. You can also have various pages created, which will allow you to have such things as a contact page, your available services and anything else that you can think of.


Basic: from £650
Advanced: from £850

If you want the ability to sell your books, or anything else, on your website, then you will require an e-commerce compliant website. This allows you to sell anything that you want, so it is a great way of selling your books directly from your website.

This includes everything that you need for your e-commerce website to work, plus an additional five pages to be used for whatever you decide you want.

We will create the same system on your website as we use throughout, so you know that we believe in the product.


Basic: from £1500
Advanced: from £2500

You have your available services and are starting to build up a fan-base, but how do you build on this?  With a community website.

This isn’t just a website with forums on it, though we do include forums.  You get a mini social media website, almost your own Facebook.  You can select the options you want to include, but among the main points that you have are:

  • Members can add each other as friends
  • Private messaging
  • Group creation (either you create the groups or allow members to create them)

This is a great way to build up a fan-base, by showing them that you want to make their experience enjoyable.

Community Multi-Site

Basic: from £3500
Advanced: from £5000

This takes your community website to the next level, by allowing your users to not only be part of the community, but to create their own websites.  You can decide whether these websites have to be about you and your business or just allow them to run a website. Either way, your domain will be right there on every site, so this is a different way to get it out there to the masses.

You have full control over all content and you can also force advertising onto the websites which are created.  It is exactly the same system used by, but with your name right there.